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Tom Kent

Executive Career Coach

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CEO of CareerNerds

Former Silicon Valley CMO

West Point '95; Texas MBA '03

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Help you look at things differently to maximize your Career Opportunities.

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About Me

As a former Silicon Valley CMO, I founded CareerNerds to help other executives make their Next Career Move. After graduating West Point, I served as an Army Officer, I was hired to work in over 10 cities on 3 continents for Fortune 500 companies like IBM and Expedia, as well as startups.​While mastering the "Art of Career Transition", I've helped many people get new jobs and careers.​ Today, I coach people who want to advance their careers.

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Sterling Packer, USMA '99

Dave Westlake, USMA '95

Kelly Doyle, USMA '95


As an NLP Master Trainer, I had the pleasure of working with Tom for several years. He can help you focus on what is important for your future career and discover new choices.  

Steve Payne, Coach, Author, Speaker

Some of my background in career transition

Hi, I know the stress of what you're facing during the transition, because I've been where you are. Here's a little about me:

  • I'm the "Swiss Army Knife" for your Career Transition 

  • 18+ yrs in companies globally as a marketing exec and CMO

  • West Point grad and former Army Intel officer

  • Mastered "Art of Career Transition" in 10 cities & coached 400+

My West Point Graduation

My Coaching Program has 3 phases to get you ready for your ideal job

You will excel in these areas

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 These Companies Have Hired Me... 

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

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If you're considering career coaching, let's talk.

What I learned from President Reagan

When I was at West Point, I was the only cadet who got a private meeting with former President Ronald Reagan at his office.

He gave me a valuable lesson in life.

I share this lesson with each of my coaching clients.