Coaching Packages

Done by CareerNerds Coaching Team

LinkedIn Optimization 


- Get a TOP 5% LinkedIn Profile

- Immediate Results

- More Profile Views

- Better for Recruiting and Networking

- BEST 1st Impression Possible

- Access to 30 of our Exec Profiles


Career Coaching +

LinkedIn Optimization


- Land Jobs in the Hidden Job Market

- How to Reach Top Decision Makers

- Mindset Coaching for Job Search 

- Interview Practice

- ....and everything to the left.


Career Coaching +

LinkedIn Optimization +

Meetings Arranged


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VIP Treatment =  Everything done with

CareerNerds CEO, Tom Kent, himself


Tom is the Founder and creator of CareerNerds methodology

VIP Coaching is 2x times more.

Tom only takes 3 clients per month.

This translates to LinkedIn Optimization for $3000, Career Coaching for $5000 and "Everything Done for You" Option for $12,000. 

The VIP Treatment option is typically chosen by people whose time is super valuable, such as CEOs, top-tier managers and 3-star Generals.


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