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Use Strategy to Advance Your Career

We Help Execs Make Strategic Moves to: 

  • Make more $$$

  • Have more Freedom

  • Move Up in their Field


Tom Kent is a West Point Grad & Texas MBA who spent 20 years in Silicon Valley & Corporate America rising to the top of his field as CMO for 2 companies. Now he shares his tactics to getting the job of your dreams. A better life is out there with more time and higher pay, you just have to know how to go and get it.

What Is CareerNerds and 
How We Can
Help You

Interview with Morri Leland
CEO & Fighter Pilot (USNA '83)

Here is how we help you


Career Coaching

We Make You More Marketable

➡️ Coaching to Get Your Next Job 

➡️ Executive-Level Personal Brand:

  LinkedIn, Resume, Elevator Pitch

➡️ Networking & Interviewing

  * Average 2 months


Fast Track

Premium Full-Service to Get Fast Results and Build Your Network

➡️ Classic Program PLUS...

➡️ We Build Your Network For You

➡️ Customized Networking Intros

* Get your new job faster


Your Career Agent

Concierge Service 

"VIP" Service

➡️ Customized 1-1 Coaching
➡️ Networking Meetings Set Up

➡️ All Inclusive Service

* When THE big change is needed

Most Popular

Our Clients work at top companies, including:

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Hear from Our Clients

Kyle Duffy, Google Sales Exec

Mike Harris (USNA '06), VP Operations

Bobby Petska (USMA '05), Finance Director

Harry Gray, President AVT (USNA '91)

David Yonce, CEO Cogwear

Peter von Alt, CFO (USMA '94)

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Tom helped me get a C-Level job by focusing on my strengths, reflecting it on LinkedIn and expanding my network. His CareerNerds methodology yielded fast outcomes with LinkedIn and networking - and allowed me to get an exciting new job as COO. 

- Kelly Doyle, COO Project Ready


Tom is an immensely talented and engaging career coach. I had the pleasure of working with Tom during a critical transition period in my career. His ability to ask great questions, gain an understanding of your unique strengths and how to best leverage them is a formula that creates a pathway to your next step.  

-Colleen Moselle, COO Fueled Collective


If you want to leverage LinkedIn for your career, Tom Kent is the coach you should choose. Tom's recommendations to my LinkedIn summary captured my voice and made it more conversational and engaging.

- Ian Drapeau, Consultant

About CareerNerds

About CareerNerds Founder

As a former Silicon Valley CMO, I founded CareerNerds to help other executives make their Next Career Move. After graduating West Point, I served as an Army Officer, I was hired to work in over 10 cities on 3 continents for Fortune 500 companies like IBM and Expedia, as well as startups.​While mastering the "Art of Career Transition", I've helped many people get new jobs and careers.​ Today, I coach people who want to advance their careers.  - Tom Kent

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Some of my background in career transition

Hi, I know the stress of what you're facing during the transition, because I've been where you are. Here's a little about me:

  • I'm the "Swiss Army Knife" for your Career Transition 

  • 18+ yrs in companies globally as a marketing exec and CMO

  • West Point grad and former Army Intel officer

  • Mastered "Art of Career Transition" in 10 cities & coached 400+


My West Point Graduation

CareerNerds Method


You will excel in these areas



Create and specify

✔ Powerful Vision

✔ Clear Career Goals

✔ Strategic Direction

✔ Execution Strategy



Get world-class focus on your 

✔ Resume

✔ Interviewing

✔ Networking

✔ Online Persona, LinkedIn



Form the right mindset

✔ Consider all options

✔ Get empowering beliefs

✔ Identify any problem areas

✔ Seek help in the right areas

Our Clients Love Us

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 These Companies Have Hired Me... 

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

CareerNerds Videos

If you're considering career coaching, let's talk.

What I learned from President Reagan

When I was at West Point, I was the only cadet who got a private meeting with former President Ronald Reagan at his office.

He gave me a valuable lesson in life.

I share this lesson with each of my coaching clients.

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